After a night of stiff competition, Lil Rick didn't have to beg as the crowd agreed with the judges' decision to give him the crown for the second year in a row.

The top four contestants in the Party Monarch were:

1. Lil Rick (Energy) with 90 points wins $10,000, a fully loaded Mazda 3 car, among other prizes

2. Ras Iley & Grynner (D 2 Ah We) with 82 points, $20,000

3. Mistah Dale (Soca Famaleez) with 70 points, $15,000

4. Mikey (Feting and Brass) with 60 points won $10,000

They were judged on Performance (25 points), Melody (25 points), Arrangement (20 points), Lyrics (20 points), Presentation (5 points) and Crowd Response (5 points). more on...  (LOOP NEWS BARBADOS)

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